There is a quotation by Aristotle that I came across recently; and it reads ‘the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’

Photography has been an art of self expression, representation, as well as liberation of individuals and communities. This art form has been used as a way to shape a certain ‘image’ and often depends on issues related to culture, gender, race and even politics. Photography goes beyond a mere representation; photographs are a metaphor for the life of a people, a community, their origins and their projection of a future they desire.

I believe photographs are a shared experience. When I write poetry I speak to you, about me. I relay my story to you and allow you to see into my life and re-live a part of me. With photography I allow you to see what I am saying, and hear your own story.  

I also believe that we owe the world art, the type that should be drenched in and stink of emotion.